Focus On: Oriental Print Rectangle Tassel Cushion

This is one of our favourite cushions in the Heritage Collection from Hazeldee Home!
Hazeldee Home Cushions Cluster Heritage Collection Black Gold Ochre Yellow Stripes Tassels Silky luxury decadent

House to Home

Cushions are such an integral part of making your house (or flat) your home.  It's an easy way of bringing colour, personality, comfort and bags of style to a room.
A sofa just isn't complete without some cushions inviting you in to kick back and relax!

Focus On:

We wanted to put the 'Focus On' our oriental print rectangle tassel cushion.
The long dark and silky surface of the rectangular shaped cushion captures the light beautifully, giving the cushion a sense of light and dark; the perfect juxtaposition. 
hazeldee home oriental rectangle tassel cushion     
The oriental print has illustrations of dragons, trees, fan shapes and swirls we like to think of as the puffs of smoke from the dragon! Keep looking and the more you see...
Ancient China use the symbol of the Dragon as a sign of new life, prosperity and positivity, making this a great housewarming gift!
     Close up of the silky surface of the oriental rectangle double tassel cushion fabric surface
The contrasting silky double tassels at each corner add movement and a touch of luxury.  When paired together with the gorgeous oriental print the combination makes the most decadent addition to any home.  It instantly adds sophistication, texture and warmth.
silky double tassels in gold ochre yellow and black hang delicately from the corner of the oriental double tassel cushion from Hazeldee Home
Great as a stand-alone piece or clustered with other cushions from the Heritage Collection.
This cushion is sure to make a statement!

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