Cushion Inner Pads; It's What's on the Inside

It's What's On The Inside!

It's not only the outside of your Hazeldee Home Cushions that are handmade with love and care and attention!

We're so proud of the quality of our cushions, we wanted to share with you what was on the inside too!  It was so important to us that your Hazeldee Home cushion was filled with a good quality cushion inner pad.



Many cushion inner pads are made with a cheap, non-woven fabric called polypropylene that is very thin, can be semi transparent and leaves an uneven surface, bunched up hollowfibre inner filling and sad empty corners.  Nobody likes a sad empty corner! 

This is what a polypropylene covered cushion inner pad looks like:

Polypropylene cushion close up



That's why the cushion inner pads used for Hazeldee Home have been especially made!  They are made using a white polycotton fabric that is generously filled (corners and all) with hollowfibre that makes a soft plump and bouncy foundation to your beautiful cushion!

Occasional plumping and turning is required to retain comfort. Nothing better than a quick plump of the cushions as part of sprucing up the place!

And this is what the Hazeldee Home polycotton covered cushion inner pad looks like.  See below: 

Hazeldee Home Polycotton cushion cover inner


See the Difference

Compare the difference side by side.  We know which one we prefer!

Hazeldee Home polycotton cushion inner pad on the left vs a cheaper Polypropylene covered cushion inner pad


It's extra touches like these that Hazeldee Home prides itself on.

Botanical Print double sided Hazeldee Home Cushion with satin piping trim

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